Picture the scene, you’re having dinner in your lovely dining room, it’s still summer so the sun is still shining and you’ve just enjoyed a scrumptious sit down meal with your other half, maybe a nice coq au vin, some dauphinoise potatoes and a yummy cheesecake for afters? You’re just pouring yourselves a second glass of wine when the sun shines through your dining room window. Instead of it being a nuisance, a dazzling light display unfolds before you throwing a myriad of beautiful colours across your dining room. The effect is mesmerising and is the perfect addition to an incredible dinner for you and your partner. How did you get your display? You asked The House of Ugly Fish to create you some of their fused glass art bespoke windows!

The House of Ugly Fish can create a range of fused glass art bespoke windows to almost any shape or size. You can choose the colours, designs and patterns to go in your window panel and we’ll create something truly bespoke and unique for your home. When the light shines through your bespoke windows the effect is absolutely dazzling and is almost a show in itself.

This indoor glass art window features a mighty oak in the depths of winter. The effect is soft and subtle. Isn’t it just mesmerising? This has to be one of our favourites.


When creating your bespoke windows we can:

  • make the glass to be as transparent or obscured as required
  • laminate the panel to meet safety requirements
  • create panels to be used as internal windows, room dividers & shower screens
  • create panels for double glazed/triple glazed units

Get started on creating your very own bespoke windows with The House of Ugly Fish today.