A kitchen in Thornton-Cleveleys was in dire need of some waves, it seems—our latest piece comes from a beautiful kitchen near Blackpool, featuring two main centrepiece splashbacks near the hob and sink that have matching upstands.

Mainly natural, aquatic colours, the blue hues of the pieces go well with the conventional design of the kitchen to create a stylish, themed design that will leave many visitors with awe. Some green highlights are featured on the pieces, and can be imagined as the emerald glint of clear water. Here at the House of Ugly Fish, we are extremely lucky to see some beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. Lisa says that her favourites are always by the sea, so maybe we’re a little biased here when we say the wave designs that are now in place at the house in Thornton-Cleveleys are beautiful!

The House of Ugly Fish is the place to go for beautiful fused glass art, with many beautiful items such as these kitchen splashbacks near Blackpool that put hand-made design and craftsmanship together to create a product that is both astonishing and unique. All our pieces are bespoke and coloured and tailored to the customer’s designs. It’s always great when a customer is happy with their fused glass art as it is really what we’re in the business for, to make people happy with their unique pieces.