This stunning piece of fused glass art is a kitchen splashback that went to a home in Crondall, Hampshire. It’s a panel that was safely delivered and fitted, and once we received the images of how amazing it looked in situ, we just knew it’d be the next piece to go up on our blog.

The customer, as you might be able to tell from the design, kept bees. There are three beehives in total that can be seen nestled in the grass, each of them modelled after a real beehive that the customer provided reference for.

Lisa employed a very unique technique in order to create this piece, one which utilised a huge amount of individual glass strips cut down in the shape of grass blades. Alongside those, a handful of long string-like pieces were scattered in order to give the impression of depth, with each one layered and layered until the piece looked just like a real field. In the final product, there must be at least hundreds of individual pieces layered on top of the initial enamel powder base. The more you look, the more detail you should be able to see – and we highly encourage you to look for a while.

A whole host of wildflowers completes the design, with brightly coloured petals scattered across both foreground and background. It creates a piece of glass which brings life into the home and absolutely glows with colour.

If this piece of fused glass art inspires your own ideas for a fantastic glass splashback, or you suddenly find yourself looking at a space in the home and envisioning bespoke fused glass adorning the wall, you only need to pick up the phone or drop us an email to make things happen. The House of Ugly Fish is the number one name in the UK for unique glass artwork, and we’re more than ready to create something completely fresh and unique for you. We look forward to hearing from you.