Have a look at this recent work! Created for a customer of ours in Lymmington, Hampshire, this absolutely stunning fused glass art splashback features a bold design making full use of contrast and both black and white to create something truly special. It was done in accordance with the customer’s wishes, intended to go with the wallpaper that already existed on their feature wall. As a result, the splashback looks just like the wallpaper, only the colours have been stylishly inverted. The red you can see in the image was chosen to match the very slick décor of the kitchen, and with the addition of some beautiful Christmas flowers the kitchen absolutely comes alive when you view it.

We were taken aback when we saw how well the splashback had turned out when it had finished fusing, but we were even more impressed when we saw the piece in situ. What do you think about this particular fused glass endeavour?

Pieces like this are a great example of how we’re able to create glass that’s completely bespoke and made to perfectly complement your kitchen and your choice of décor. As you can see, the end result is one that always manages to look absolutely stunning, and we think it definitely captures all the right kinds of attention. If you’re looking to turn heads and impress both friends and family, there’s simply no substitute for a fused glass splashback from The House of Ugly Fish.

If you’d love a gorgeous fused glass art splashback just like the one pictured above, make sure you don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can! We’re always waiting for you to get in contact, either by phone or email, so why not give us a ring today? Let’s have a chat all about your ideal piece of glass, and hopefully we’ll be bringing it to life soon.