Have a room that’s in need of a few accessories? Are you the kind of person that’s never done decorating until there’s at least a few lovely items scattered around to really keep everything tied together? We know that there’s quite a few people who would match that description, including ourselves, so we’re very confident when we say that our range of bespoke handmade glass has something perfect to offer in that regard.

Beautiful and yet perfectly practical, our fused glass bowls are the perfect marriage between gorgeous glass designs and a slumping process by which a single panel can be transformed into a number of shapes. You find a great example pictured above, featuring a design that uses rich purple hues in a wave pattern to create a mix of solid colours. It has accents of varying purples on top done in waves, creating a beautiful gradient and a texture you can actually run your fingers along and feel.

Keep in mind, although this example features a distinctly rectangular shape, our bowls can take a number of shapes and can be created in a variety of sizes. Much like the design, that part is just as bespoke!

It should go without saying, however, that beautiful bowls aren’t the only thing we do. Certainly in the way of accessories, there’s a stunning variety of bespoke handmade glass pieces that roll out of our kiln on a daily basis. Or, if you’d like to see the same gorgeous designs applied to something a little larger, there’s our kitchen splashbacks and glass wall art panels. The same techniques are involved with all the glass we make, which is why you’ll find artisan craftsmanship combined with stunning artistic flair no matter where in our portfolio you look.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for the perfect accessory to dress up a tabletop or to add that little bit extra to any room, The House of Ugly Fish should be your very first port of call. We’re market leaders in the creation of bespoke handmade glass that’s unique to you, and we’re always ready for customers both new and old to get in touch. Make sure you don’t hesitate to do just that! The perfect piece of custom fused glass art is only ever one step away, as all it takes is a single phone call or online enquiry via email to get started.