If you’ve been looking for a way to revitalise a space within your home, fused glass art is a fantastic way to introduce colour and vibrant designs like never before. There’s one design in particular that’s guaranteed to help breathe life back into even the blandest space or the most empty kitchen, however, though you might have already guessed which one that is!

It’s the tree of life, of course! The tree of life design is a favourite of ours and a consistently popular choice among regular customers and clients alike. It’s proving favourable for just about everyone, so much so that it’s often the case that people who have never even seen fused glass art before take one look at a tree of life and know that it’d make the perfect fit for their home.

We’re more than able to listen to what you’re looking for, working closely with you to produce something that matches your specifications and looks just like you wanted it to. Whether that’s in the form of a tree of life triptych, featuring three beautifully matching panels, or a fused glass art splashback that’s custom made to match the aesthetic of your kitchen and perfectly complement it, why not take the first steps towards getting a piece of art that no-one else can say they own?

You’re guaranteed something unique every time you give us a call, so don’t be afraid to do just that. Let’s have a chat about what you think your home really needs in the way of fused glass art!

So, whether you’ve got your own idea for the perfect tree of life design, or you’ve got your eyes on something perfect from our stock of gorgeously bespoke fused glass art, you definitely won’t be disappointed by what you find here with us. Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can, as we’re always waiting to help you find beauty here at The House of Ugly Fish.