Now here’s an interesting one – a piece from the past and a collaboration. All of the fused glass art you see pictured in this blog found a home some years ago in a home in Brigg, Lincolnshire.

We often work with interior designers, as it presents an interesting challenge and a great opportunity for a creative collaboration. In this case, the customer was an interior designer with a specific vision and concept in mind. The glass needed to be tailor made and created to be just right in terms of both measurement and design. Naturally, this was the perfect place for our fully bespoke process to really shine, as we’re able to make glass that’s exactly the right fit in every possible way.

The interior designer herself would be working on a way to display the glass and effectively light it from behind, creating a glowing effect that was guaranteed to look incredible.

For the design itself, we enjoyed following the brief to create something stunning. The main colours used in the glass were black and gold, split between translucent powders and bold metallic waving strips. A tricky balance had to be achieved, however. Too little powder meant that the colours wouldn’t properly come through, while too much powder meant that the piece wouldn’t be able to be backlit correctly. In the end, we figured it out!

We also created a gorgeous slumped bowl and a set of coasters to match the main feature, bearing the same design. When put together, it creates a beautiful theme that really ties the room together in a unique way.

The end result was actually featured in the magazine 25 Beautiful Homes! We’ve since gone on to make more projects with the same interior designer, but this was definitely the big success that inspired more collaborations.

If you’re an interior designer looking to work with fused glass art, or you’re a homeowner looking to achieve this same stunning look in your own home, The House of Ugly Fish is ready and willing to make your dream decoration a reality. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, so make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. Remember, your imagination really is the limit, so bring your best ideas.