If you’re looking to put one of our gorgeous designs in your home, make sure you don’t wait to have a look at our portfolio and see just what our fused glass art is capable of. Before you go ahead and do that, though, we’ll tell you a few great things about getting your hands on our bespoke glass splashbacks.

Unlike other decorative products that you might order with a single click, followed by a long wait, getting your own bespoke splashback is a process that you can actively follow. We’ll send you updates as we make the glass, keeping you as up to speed with the process as you’d like, and we’ll always consult you to make sure that the end result will be just what you were looking for.

You’ll immediately see just how versatile and incredibly flexible our fused glass art can be if you choose to go down the fully bespoke route. You’re sure to be absolutely amazed with how many options you have, as that’s definitely one of the biggest reasons behind the enduring popularity of our bespoke glass splashbacks and more. No two pieces are ever the same!

Of course, when you’re looking for something tried and tested, there’s always our classic designs. We have a huge variety of endlessly popular styles that prove to be big favourites among our customers, such as sculpted waves, Dalamans and our very recognisable Tree of Life designs. Needless to say, they can always be tweaked and changed to match your home, with just about every aspect of the design being able to be fully customised. You could even ask Lisa to make something unique for you based on a colour sample or a home visit where we can have a look at the space you want to decorate. When we say that your imagination is the limit, we really mean it!

So, if you’ve got a great idea for a of fused glass wall art or a design that you’d love to see realised in one of our bespoke glass splashbacks, make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone or drop us an email. We here at The House of Ugly Fish are always at the ready to bring your best ideas to life, guaranteeing something that’s unique, personalised and absolutely perfect for the space you want to decorate. There’s never been a better time, so what are you waiting for? Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon!