Here’s a recent work of ours that found a home in Heald Green, Manchester, and it makes for a stunning sight. The central splashback sits flush with matching surrounds that absolutely transform this kitchen into what you see here, and a background of deep blue goes very well with the dark, modern styling of the room. Dark blue grass and flowers lining the bottom of the fused glass art panels complete the effect and finalise the theme perfectly.

The design of the glass is our classic Tree of Life, of course, a particularly popular option among our customers and a lasting favourite of ours that’s always fun to put together. This one is especially lovely, so we’re proud to show it off as a shining example of why so many people opt in for trees in their own home. A huge part of the appeal is definitely the personal aspect, as among the many intricate details included in the glass, you’ll find so many little things added in to make the piece bespoke and personalised. Our favourite detail definitely has to be the customer’s two cats sitting among the grass on either side of the splashback, but there’s so much to see in this piece that you’d be staring at it for hours before you saw them all.

The photo above was taken in a dim light to perfectly show off how well our glass works with light, shining down from above to highlight the vivid blue at work in the splashback, but this kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous no matter how bright it is. We’re over the moon with how it turned out, and the customer was similarly pleased.

If you love the way that this kitchen looks, then why not invest in your very own piece of fused glass art? Your very own home could look just like the ones you see here on our website, as we’ll create the perfect piece of glass to go in any space you have in mind. It’s all bespoke, of course, so it’s a guaranteed match! Just make sure that you don’t hesitate to come and let us know all about your ideas. Our full contact details can be found right here on our website.