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Our work has helped to bring life into all kinds of spaces across the country, and plenty of times our glass kitchen splashbacks and wall art panels have even gone beyond its borders and abroad. No matter where you are, if you think that there’s a space behind your kitchen cooker that looks a little bear, or there’s a spot behind the back wall of your kitchen that’s missing a spot of decoration, The House of Ugly Fish is able to help.

You might want to incorporate images into your personal piece, including painterly touches such as brush strokes and textures mimicking the look of traditional canvas. We’ve even used paint to take that style to the next level, too, actually blending the medium of fused glass art with its more traditional roots! This is all thanks to the talents of our in-house creative mastermind and highly experienced glass artist Lisa Villarospo. Although the kind of glass art we do utilises powders and coloured glass pieces to make stunning designs, Lisa is able to call on an extensive and varied artistic background to bring an authentically traditional touch to her work. It’s not design – it’s definitely art!

Any Home is Suitable for Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Needless to say, we really do mean it when it when we say that our glass can go in any home. We can cut shapes out of the glass to make way for obstructions such as plug sockets, pipes and cabinets that might be blocking the way a little bit, so don’t worry if you feel as if the space you have in mind is a bit awkward. You don’t always need the clearest space for one of our glass kitchen splashbacks, as there’s a lot we can do to help!

We highly recommend that you take a look through our portfolio section. This is a comprehensive catalogue of projects and pieces that we’ve completed in the past, offering a wide look at the incredible variety found only in fused glass art. Our bespoke fused glass art offers a near endless slew of possibilities, so don’t be afraid to dream big.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of interior design and you’re looking for something unique to go behind the cooker, or a veteran who’s been searching through the market for a while now, The House of Ugly Fish is definitely the place to go for gorgeous glass kitchen splashbacks with a bespoke twist. Our full contact details, including phone number and address, can be found right here on our website. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can!