Kicking the week off in typically colourful style for The House of Ugly Fish, we’ve got a brand new piece that we made for a home in Lincoln. Created on a beautiful blue background, the design of the glass should be familiar to our regular visitors – it’s the Tree of Life, of course! But as always, no tree is ever the same, and the one adorning this handmade kitchen splashback is no exception to the rule. You’ll be able to spot plenty of personalisations which make the glass uniquely suited to this kitchen!

One such personalisation is the colour of the leaves. In contrast to the cool colours of the piece, the individually hand-cut leaves of the tree display a much warmer palette of autumnal colours, alongside blues, greens, white accents and even the occasional bit of metallic silver to really make the design stand out. Topping it all off, the branches of the tree curl around to form the shape of a love heart.

The piece absolutely explodes with colour, making it the perfect centrepiece for this particular kitchen. It complements the neutral décor by injecting a huge dose of vivid hues against the clean white lines of the room, and ensures that it’s the first thing anyone notices when they enter. Family, friends and guests of all kinds are sure to be jealous of this particular splashback!

If you think that one of our handmade kitchen splashbacks would make your kitchen look as stunning as the one pictured above in this blog, why not look into getting one of your very own? Whether you’d like a classic design like this Tree of Life or something completely original based on your own ideas, our fully bespoke process guarantees that your fused glass art will be tailor made for the space you have in mind. Pick up the phone and call The House of Ugly Fish, or drop us an email online – you won’t be disappointed!