The client behind this piece of fused glass art in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, took inspiration from their location. They live near Glastonbury Tor, and as such wanted to have an interpretation of it brought to life through the medium of fused glass art. A photograph was provided, showcasing the location perfectly, the client discussed with Lisa about how she imagined it looking. That was all we needed, and we soon set about bringing the piece to life with vibrant colours and clever composition.

As you can see from the image above, it ended up being set behind the cooker. It’s framed perfectly by the gorgeous upholstery of the kitchen, blending into the existing style of the room while also standing out for all the right reasons. The design is a very realistic one, using a wide range of deep green hues and beautiful blue colours to create a very recognisable landscape. Brighter highlights create a field that stretches out before your eyes, leading to the main feature of the panel. It almost looks like looking out of a window, peering into the distance to spot the lone structure sitting atop the grassy hill.

We loved working with the client on this piece, and we absolutely adore how it turned out. We’re not looking to stop there, however, so why not make your name the next one on our list? Our kilns are fired up and ready to go, after all, and we could make you a piece that’s just as incredible and exciting as the one you see here on this blog. Every single piece we create is hand made, bespoke and ready to be as personalised as you’d like, so come and bring us your very best ideas for the perfect piece of glass.

When it comes to fused glass art, no-one does it better than The House of Ugly Fish. What’s more, getting in contact has never been easier. Simply pick up the phone, drop us an email, or inquire online through the contact form on our site! We hope to hear from you soon.