This incredibly bold glass wall art found a home in Workington, where it happily sits now. It utilises a design that we’re very fond of, so we thought, why not shed a little light on it? It’d be a shame if it went undiscovered.

The design of the piece features a long, continuous horizontal sunset, sparsely decorated with sailing boats working their way towards the middle of the piece. The colours are made up of different oranges which give the artwork a dramatic effect, with bright, burning colours that immediately demand all the right kinds of attention. Having this piece up on the wall means that the home takes on a new lease of life, with a stunning effect you just couldn’t get with any other form of traditional art.

Every single piece of glass that we create can be made completely bespoke, meaning that the piece ends up looking just like you want it to. As a result, you can have as much input in the creative process as you’d like. The design of the glass, the colours used and the details held within are all up to you, unless you’d like us to make a recommendation or come up with something that’s perfect for your home. Whether you’re looking to get a series of matching wall panels like the installation featured here, or you’re interested in something else, there’s simply no-one else who will help you get the same one of a kind decoration.

Make sure you don’t hesitate to get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish as soon as you can! After all, getting in contact is as easy as picking up the phone or dropping us an email, and our team is always at the ready to answer your questions and queries about our bespoke glass wall art. When all is said and done, hopefully we’ll be bringing your perfect piece of glass to life before you know it!