This wonderful glass panel is one of our bespoke glass kitchen splashbacks, and it was created for and delivered to a lovely home in Sturton by Stow, Lincoln. The design of the piece is a stunning flower burst, created on a beautifully blue background of enamel powder. Each petal of the flower burst was carefully cut down to size from a variety of colours and textures that both contrast and complement the sky blue base. This gives the whole design the handcrafted and unique aesthetic that fused glass art is known for, and ensures that there’s a wonderfully wide palette to feast your eyes on.

And then there’s the placement! Sitting snugly behind the cooker, the glass meets the cupboards around it to make a seamless fit. This is because the customer provided specific measurements for us to match, and we were able to create something totally bespoke that would fit the space flawlessly. When we saw it fully installed in situ, we were amazed by just how well it fit in there. It almost looked as if it had always been there, and needless to say we were very happy with the end result.

Your very own fused glass splashback could fit any space in your own home just as well, since every single piece of glass we create can be made to order and created totally bespoke from the ground up.

There’s simply never been a better time than now to invest in one of our glass kitchen splashbacks, especially with our business freshly relocated to the beautiful shores of North Wales. If you’re interested in putting something behind your cooker, or you’d like to have your very own fused glass art created to go anywhere else in the home, make sure you don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is always ready and waiting to answer any questions or queries you might have about our process, so don’t be shy! We invite you to come and find beauty at The House of Ugly Fish!