Recently delivered to a home in Cheshire, this gorgeous bathroom glass art found a home as a wall panel recessed into the shower wall. The base of the design is comprised of various blue shades, with a suitably aquatic theme in the form of a cascading wave pattern which mirrors water falling down. It makes for a very striking space that’s definitely as exciting to look at as it is unique. We challenge you to find a bathroom that looks just like this one does!

As well as enhancing the space it sits in, this gorgeous piece of fused glass art is also the perfect example of how the waterproof qualities of our work make it versatile. Our glass is ideal for any room or space which involves moisture, such as here in the shower or behind the cooker in the kitchen. The design will never fade no matter how much steam collects on it, and the glass is naturally heat resistant as well as resilient. It looks fantastic when set along tiles, too, wouldn’t you agree?

All the pieces we create are brought to life by hand via a completely bespoke process that ensures the end result is a perfect fit for your own home. You only ever need to let us know what your ideas are and we’ll soon be able to discuss how what we do could work for you.

If you’re on the lookout for ways to make your home stand out from the rest, or if there’s just an empty space that you feel would benefit from the addition of bathroom glass that’s uniquely bespoke and beautiful, make sure that The House of Ugly Fish is your first port of call. You can find our full contact details online, and getting in touch is as easy as picking up the phone or dropping us an email. Make sure you don’t wait to do just that, as we’re always looking forward to hearing from customers both new and old.