We posted a blog last week about what we got up to in Devon, while we were down for the Southwest Home & Garden Show. While out and about walking a coastal path, Paul ran into some unexpected company. It was a big surprise to encounter cattle just hanging around and enjoying the weather! We’ve attached the picture above, naturally. Just take a look at that lovely clear sky, eh?

The show went really well for us, too, and we definitely enjoyed spending time there. We always love our exhibitions and shows, as they’re a prime opportunity to meet all kinds of people and talk to customers and clients face to face. We also get to see all the kinds of incredible products that are being offered for both home and garden, and there’s never a dull moment as a result. It’s safe to say that we always walk away feeling inspired!

These cows could be a great idea for a fused glass art design, don’t you think? Because of the completely bespoke nature of our glass, you could bring that very idea to life – or just about any concept you could think of. Whether that’s a sculpted wave, a tree of life splashback, a dalaman in your favourite colours, or something completely different, you only have to let us know and we’ll hopefully soon be getting to work.

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re always looking to travel to new places, so make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can. Fused glass art is a long standing passion of ours, after all. Come and tell us all about your ideal piece of glass and delivering glass to your very own doorstep may very well be the next thing on our list sooner than you might think!