Sale Success

Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish! Today, we’re showing off a lovely piece of fused glass art from a home in Leeds.
The piece has a variety of green hues selected from a wide palette, all displayed across an equally diverse choice of flakes and frits. Solid [...]

The Wave on the Wall

This beautiful piece of fused glass wall art comes from a property in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. After seeing how good it looked in situ, we simply couldn’t wait to head here to our blog and show it off.
The design is a gorgeous orange wave that puts a classic [...]

Kitchen Panorama

This incredible kitchen comes from a home in Laurencekirk, Aberdeen. The idea for the glass came about when the couple who owned the house felt that the room was missing a real focal point. They were keen to go all in for something truly special, aiming for a unique [...]

On the Table

This is fused glass art utilised in a way we’ve truly never seen, thanks to an idea from a customer that we were happy to bring to life. It’s a piece that doesn’t so much as sit atop the table as it does hold it together – quite literally! [...]

Locked Down

Did you know that pieces from our Lockdown Sale can still be viewed in the sale section of our website? Furthermore, they’re yours if you have the perfect space in mind! From pieces of classic fused glass art that we’ve taken with us on tour across the country in [...]

Access to Something Special

Fused glass accessories can come in all shapes and sizes. There’s a virtually endless variety of shapes, styles, designs and more that make each accessory unique, and that’s before you even introduce the original ideas our customers usually bring to the table. Just take a look at the image [...]

She Sells Sea Shells

This latest piece to find a home on our blog first found a home in Harmston, Lincolnshire. As a very original and simply stunning piece of art, we just had to show it off to our readers as soon as possible. So, without further adieu, here’s a beautiful fused [...]

Another Scottish Scene

This lovely infused glass splashback comes in two parts, and found a home in Muir of Ord, Inverness. We always love featuring pieces that have a distinctly painterly style, as it allows the glass to act as a canvas and really let the art shine through. Our approach to [...]

Infused and Interesting

We’ve heard it called infused glass art, coloured glass and even stained glass, but we know it as fused glass art. Today, we thought we’d talk about it a little bit!
The glass is entirely bespoke, meaning that every aspect of the design is created handmade from scratch. It’s [...]

Great Expectations

Delivered to a home in Great Ecclestone, Lancashire, today’s featured fused glass art is another one of our glass splashbacks – and it’s a good one! The design is a Tree of Life, of course, and any previous readers of our blog should be able to recognise it as [...]