Coloured Glass or Fused Glass

Fewer things are mixed up more often than fused glass splashbacks and their more plain counterparts, coloured splashbacks. Honestly, it’s not too difficult of a mistake to make if you’re unfamiliar with the key differences. This blog aims to outline just a few of those differences and what sets [...]

Built for Bolton

These fused glass wall art panels went to a home in Bolton, where they were arranged to make a three dimensional structured display. There were nine separate pieces in total, each with a matching design slightly different from one another.
Featuring a range of blue shades and a geometric, [...]

All Stocked Up

There’s certainly been a lot happening down here at The House of Ugly Fish since our last update about our showroom and stock, with a whole host of new interior items and fresh new fused glass art display pieces. We thought it’d be a good time to give you [...]

Crafted for Corwen

This gorgeous kitchen splashback was a piece of bespoke fused glass art which very recently went to a home in Corwen, Denbighshire. We thought we’d use today’s blog as an opportunity to show it off, as it’s a fantastic example of how our glass can be fully customised and [...]

Very Accessible

Fused glass accessories come in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of fitments. They can be placed anywhere, and come in a virtually limitless number of shapes, styles, designs and more. You can find everything from coasters and soap dishes all the way to one-of-a-kind Rospo lights [...]

A Splashback Spoken For

This gorgeous piece of glass was a bespoke fused glass art splashback which went to a home in Speke, Liverpool.
The design of the piece began with an abstract concept, designed around the space behind the cooker and the surrounding décor. A base colour of minty white created the [...]

One More Local

This beautiful piece of bespoke glass art is a splashback that was made for a home in Rhosneigr, Anglesey, just down the road from our brand new showroom.
The design of this incredible piece was based on existing artwork that the customers were looking to complement, but not replicate [...]

A Rhosneigr Shoal

The design of these three fused glass wall art panels, installed as a triptych at a home in Rhosneigr, Anglesey, features a swimming shoal of fish making their way to the surface in a spiral, headed from the deep depths of the water up to the shallow sunlight streaming [...]

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Plenty of Personalisations

This bespoke fused glass art kitchen splashback went to a home in Romsley, Shropshire. It was a very personalised piece packed full of meaning for the customers who ordered it, with plenty of details directly relating to their own lives. It’s definitely a piece like no other, and a [...]

A Treat for Taunton

This stunning kitchen splashback was made for a home in Taunton, Somerset, where it found a home behind the cooker. A variety of deep blue shades come together with an abstract wave pattern to make an unmissable and eye-catching design. It injects a tremendous amount of colour into the [...]