A Scaled Up Scene

This brand new splashback is one of the very latest pieces of fused glass art by The House of Ugly Fish, delivered to a home in Edinburgh. We’re eager to show it off, so we’re featuring it on our blog as soon as we can.
It brings something fresh [...]

Waving Hello to Hayling Island

Today’s piece comes to the blog courtesy of a home on Hayling Island, Hampshire. The design is an incredibly colourful layered wave, with bright and vivid colours that harken back to Lisa’s Italian roots by taking inspiration from the Carnival of Venice. Cascading colours in the foreground, carefully hand [...]

Headed for East Grinstead

Today’s blog features a beautiful piece of bespoke fused glass art from a home in East Grinstead, West Sussex. The design of the splashback is a twist on a classic Dalaman style, incorporating many unique personalisations and details to create something truly unique.
The background is particularly interesting in [...]

A New Dalaman for Chester

For today’s blog feature, we have this beautiful bespoke fused glass splashback from Malpas, Chester. We’ve done quite a few jobs there before, so it was a familiar location. The glass, however, was something we’ve never seen before. Since all of our work is created completely bespoke, by hand [...]

Pride of Place

These fused glass accessories were recently created and delivered to a home in Douglas, on the Isle of Man. There are two bowls in total, each with a distinct design that complements the other well. The customer sent in colour samples for Lisa to work from, giving her a [...]

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Making a Splash in Any Home

If you’re thinking of investing in the unique beauty of fused glass art, it all begins with thinking about the kind of glass you’re looking to have put in your home. It might sound like a simple enough task, but you have to consider just how much is possible [...]

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Lovers’ Island

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re reminded of a location that’s not too far from our new home. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you might have heard this one before. If you aren’t – fear not, as we’re bringing you the legend of Lovers’ Island in [...]

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Showering in Style

This stunning piece of fused glass art was delivered and fitted to a home in Anslow, Staffordshire. As you should be able to tell from the image above, it was a wall panel that was specifically created to become a shower splashback. We’ve created and featured bespoke shower splashbacks [...]

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Winter on Anglesey

Can you believe how quickly January has gone by? It certainly hasn’t been a very normal month for any of us, and now we find our new fused glass art studio on Anglesey firmly clasped within the icy grasp of winter.
It isn’t hard to feel the change in [...]

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Blogging Beehives

This stunning piece of fused glass art is a kitchen splashback that went to a home in Crondall, Hampshire. It’s a panel that was safely delivered and fitted, and once we received the images of how amazing it looked in situ, we just knew it’d be the next piece [...]