Behind the Cooker

This beautiful example of a Tree of Life splashback found its way to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. It’s a piece of bespoke fused glass art that speaks for itself, of course, but we thought we’d share some words about it on our blog while we show it off!
The background is [...]

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Wisteria for the Wall

Now here’s something to help start your week with a splash of colour! Vibrant, teeming with life and one-hundred percent original, this piece of gorgeous bespoke fused glass art is a wall panel like no other from a house in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Lisa was very proud to [...]

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A York Corker

Ending the week on a high, the piece we’re featuring for our blog this Friday is a beautiful one! The customers behind this particularly spectacular piece of bespoke fused glass art were looking to put a feature piece at the end of a long hallway in their home, feeling [...]

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Accessorising the Home

Fused glass accessories can come in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of fitments. They can be placed anywhere, and come in a virtually limitless number of shapes, styles, designs and more. You can find everything from coasters and soap dishes all the way to one-of-a-kind Rospo [...]

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This piece is one of the very latest artisan splashbacks to roll off of our kiln, and we’re excited to show it off here on our blog. Scenery pieces like this one remind us of our new home in Wales, after all, so you can understand why we like [...]

A Guaranteed Fit

The House of Ugly Fish is a household name when it comes to the creation of beautifully bespoke, one-of-a-kind decorations for the wall, with a long history of providing stunning works of art that look almost like paintings – except this is glass, not canvas! Those who have seen [...]

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Majorca at Home

Today, we’re taking another look back into the past. It’s been a little bit of a theme for this week’s blogs, after all! This particular feature is a set of three wall panels that form a triptych, adorning a space on the wall in style. The customers lived in [...]

Home Sweet Home

Seeing as we’ve just finished moving our business to the beautiful Welsh isle of Anglesey, we thought it’d be a good time to look back through the portfolio and dig out a piece that we delivered there years ago. It’s a little bit of a look into the past, [...]

A Windlesham Wonder

For today’s blog, we’re bringing you a stunning bespoke fused glass wall panel from Windlesham, Surrey. It’s a corker of a fused glass art piece, so we’re understandably keen to share a few words about it.
It depicts a beautiful and dramatic landscape that sets a serious mood, with [...]

Dunstable Delivery

This stunning bespoke glass splashback was delivered to a home in Dunstable, Luton. The design depicts an overcast beach and landscape, looking out across the water. Three sail boats make their way from left to right. Speckled white dots create surf atop waves that come ashore, and darker hues [...]