This bespoke glass splashback found a home in Sproston, Cheshire, where it became a striking centrepiece for the kitchen. The design is a particularly beautiful Tree of Life, with a very soft colour palette comprised of a wide range of blues, greens and some slightly warmer complementary colours. The customer wanted a cheery colour palette, so the citrus colours were picked out against a denim background.

Look closely, and you should easily be able to spot some carefully placed white and silver accents that help to brighten the piece up. They ensure that the leaves of the tree properly stand out and shine as they should! Speaking of the leaves, did you know that each one was hand cut and carefully put in place? The bottom of the piece is lined with long blades of grass and thin stems ending in bright flowers, but that isn’t the last of the life to be found in this Tree of Life design. Take a look at the pets!

The dog on the left of the tree is a working cocker spaniel, gazing over at the two beautiful horses peeking around the trunk. The brown horse you see pictured was the customer’s own, who sadly had to be put down. They wanted something to remember the horse by, and so they were immortalised in glass as a fitting tribute.

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