This stunningly beautiful splashback is the latest piece of bespoke glass art to find a home, this time in an absolutely lovely kitchen in Chester. If you look closely, you should be able to tell that the piece is created from not one, but three panels joined in unison. Each panel was specifically measured and cut to make for the perfect fit. While the main splashback rises higher in the centre, the two surrounding pieces on either side sit snugly underneath the kitchen cupboards overhead.

The background was created from a gorgeous powder blue in order to match the kitchen’s excellent modern décor. From there, bold lines bring branches to life in a stylish way, ending in hand-cut leaves. Each leaf, individually shaped and placed on the glass, features complementary colours from monochromatic hues to cool green shades, purple hues, and deeper blues. We love the way it turned out!

Bespoke Glass Art for Any Kitchen

While your very own piece could look  just like this one if you wanted it to, there are limitless possibilities with truly bespoke glass art that’s created from the ground up.

Have a look through our portfolio, and you’re sure to get a great idea of the stunning variety on offer when it comes to fused glass art. All of our work both past and present is sure to inspire, and we can confidently say that no two pieces are ever the same. Even when designs are intentionally similar, things like bubbles becoming trapped between the layers of glass are always different every time, ensuring that every single piece we make has its own character.

If you’re reading this and looking to get your hands on a stunning bespoke glass art splashback just like the gorgeous example featured in this blog, then make sure that we here at The House of Ugly Fish make it to the top of your list. Our kiln is fired up and ready to go, so there’s never been a better time to invest in the many merits of fused glass art. Find our contact details right here on our website, and get in touch!