This month and then next, the largest exhibition of Chinese and Taiwanese art is being held in the UK, and is being staged in various venues across the entire city of Manchester. Over thirty artists have contributed pieces to the project, which has been named Harmonious Society, as part of the third Triennial in Manchester to celebrate Asia. Six locations will host the art until the 23rd November.

One of the pieces, at the Museum of Science and Industry, was built with help from the Salford City Council, providing lights to create an outdoor piece of art that demonstrates the theme of a harmonious society. Many of the works feature underlying meanings and statements that lean towards a political view, but these matters are dealt in a humorous way. Other artworks include peculiar exhibits of sweeping national flags, as well as a fractured piecing together of Tiananmen Square. All these artworks demonstrate great craftsmanship and unique ability. That’s why we think the pieces are so great down here at the House of Ugly Fish. If you haven’t been to see them we suggest you do so as they are highly thought provoking!

Whilst you’re at it though, you might want to consider some of our artwork. Our fused glass art can be very communicative and each bespoke piece is able to tell a story about your interests. Whether you’re looking for kitchen glass splashbacks or simply a piece of wall art for your hallway, we can produce many different designs and styles to your specification. Contact us to see what we can do for you and your home.