If you’ve been thinking about investing in some artwork but haven’t quite decided what kind you’re after, we’re here to help. Figuring out what kind of artwork you like and then want can be tricky. But if you’ve been solely focusing on traditional artwork, can we make a suggestion; fused glass art.

Fused glass art is great because it means you are in control of what goes into the artwork. You can choose a design around your favourite colour palette, or if you change your décor quite often you can design something that will work within most colour schemes. That way, if you redecorate, your artwork won’t become redundant.

Once you’ve got the colours chosen for your fused glass art, the next thing you have to decide is what kind of effect you would like the piece to have on its environment. Typically if art is being hung in the bedroom, it should have a calming effect on the room whereas if it’s going to be placed in the living room you can afford to go a little bolder. Really you don’t have to follow any specific guidelines, but it’s worth just having a think about what kind of vibe you want where you intend to hang your fused glass art, and that should influence the tone.

When planning your fused glass art with us, the other thing to consider is the size of the piece. Large pieces of fused glass art look great in large, spacious rooms where they can really become a focal point, however putting a small piece of fused glass art in a large room can leave the piece looking lost and inadequate. If the room is quite small, a large piece can overpower the space and a smaller size is a better option.

Once you’ve got all these details worked out all you have to do is pass them on to us and let us work our magic. We’ll create your piece of fused glass art exactly to your specifications!