Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we have been so busy in the run up to Christmas. Needless to say, the elves have been working flat out in Santa’s Ugly Fish workshop to get all of the orders made. We’ve put a few images on this blog for you to take a look at, to see some of the recent work we’ve been doing. Firstly, we created a tree and recently fitted it just in time for Christmas. It features the family dogs of the customer, two beautiful cocker spaniels. The client had us fit it as a surprise for his wife and when she saw it, emotions overcame her and she cried. The one on the left had recently passed away! We hope that the splashback will be a lovely way to remember their much loved pet.

The second piece we did is a burnt orange and multi-coloured splashback, featuring a Dalaman design. This features in a very old Cheshire house which is being renovated. We hope our piece will attract much attention to the house and modernise it!


The third image is a warm spice coloured splashback, featuring a wave design. Having been placed in a neutral kitchen, it lights up the room and adds a little more personality to the room which would otherwise have a very cold feeling. Wave designs are especially great in kitchens, and are often chosen to show personality. Truly real centrepieces!


The final tree was just fitted in Scotland. It was a tricky one to do as the hob of the kitchen where it was placed was not centralised, so the tree was over to the left. We had to make sure that there was something to look at all the way across the panels, and with this in mind it was fitted where the olives hanging from the branches, birds, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, grass and flowers all could be seen.


With the House of Ugly Fish, you can have unique art that connects with you truly! If you are looking for a similar commission of fused glass art that communicates a style you enjoy, our glass splashbacks are available in a variety of styles and colours. Contact us for more information.