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If you’re unfamiliar with the key differences, it can be an easy mistake to confuse coloured glass splashbacks and fused glass splashbacks. For today’s blog, we thought we go over just a few of the things that set the two apart!

The first thing we can think of is detail, or how much of it you can find in fused glass compared to coloured glass. Coloured glass splashbacks tend to be created out of a single colour applied flatly across the entire panel, while fused glass art is really more of a blank canvas for an artist to bring any number of designs to life. Take a look through our portfolio of completed work and we’re sure you’ll see just how varied the styles and designs of fused glass art can be. We don’t just create splashbacks, of course, but even the splashbacks on their on showcase a world of variety that brings a unique character to every home they go in.

Another key identifier of fused glass versus coloured glass is the way that images can be incorporated into the design. As we mentioned before, coloured splashbacks tend to be one single colour and rarely feature more evocative imagery. The fused glass art pieces that we create, however, are more than able to capture existing images such as landscapes, sweeping scenes, pet portraits and much more. Your imagination is the limit in that regard, as we’ve even done everything from recreations of photographs all the way to classic painterly scenes in the style of Monet and Lowry!

Now, we’re not saying that coloured glass splashbacks can’t look great in a kitchen, of course. We’ve seen them be utilised in the past to make for some great looks, especially alongside tiles, but we always can’t help but feel that there’s more that could be done with the space. There’s so much potential to amaze in any given space, so why not unlock it with something no-one else will have in their own home?

So, if you’ve been searching high and low for something more exciting than the plain appearance of traditional coloured glass splashbacks, then The House of Ugly Fish should be your first port of call. We’re market leaders in the creation of beautifully bespoke fused glass art, creating every piece by hand in order to ensure our customers can always get a personalised, one-of-a-kind decoration for their home. Getting in contact is as simple as picking up the phone or dropping us an email, so what are you waiting for?