In this blog, we’d like to show how our different coloured glass splashbacks can create different effects depending on the colours used and the kitchen they are in.

First up is one of our tree of life coloured glass splashbacks. We completed this particular piece for a client in Cheshire. In the mostly white kitchen, the purple colour, which is almost a pastel shade, doesn’t overwhelm the space. Instead, it creates a focal point in the kitchen whilst simultaneously complementing the rest of the décor.

coloured glass splashbacksSometimes, client’s commission coloured glass splashbacks to specifically go with a particular theme in their kitchen. One client in Poole, had a very understated but undeniable grey them in their kitchen and required a glass splashback to complement that. We used a different shade of grey for the background and used darker shards through the middle of the piece to achieve the desired effect. You can see how our piece seamlessly fits in with the rest of their kitchen.

coloured glass splashbacks


We create coloured glass splashbacks in a range of colours and styles and we’ve had clients in the past who have wanted something really bold, bright and vibrant for their home. Of course, we love working with colour and are only too happy to oblige to any of our customers’ wishes. The piece below works so well because the kitchen is mostly neutral apart from the yellow walls. For that reason we didn’t want to go too yellow but used a variety of colours to create a bold piece.

As you can see here at The House of Ugly Fish, we create a lot of different coloured glass splashbacks for a broad range of kitchens in all shapes and sizes. Each client has their own individual style so that’s what makes our bespoke service so important to the happiness of our clients, and in turn, the success of our products. For more information on our coloured glass splashbacks please visit our website or get in touch with us!