Our bespoke fused glass art is definitely something that you’ll find in homes all up and down the country, with more and more customers every year coming to us for unique and highly personal decorations that are a perfect match with any space, but that’s not all we do! You could definitely be forgiven for thinking that our glass was a strictly domestic enterprise, but fused glass works just as well in a commercial environment. Just take a look through our website’s extensive portfolio of commercial glass art if you don’t believe us!

We create and install a lot of commercial glass art for a very wide range of clients, in fact, with our glass installations finding a place in so many different industries and fascinating places. Keep an eye out, as you’ll see our work in restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices and health spas but to name a few of those places!

Our commercial art doesn’t lose out on anything compared to the lush pieces you see installed in so many kitchens and homes on our website, either! Every single piece we make can be created to be as bespoke as you’d like it to be, so you’ll have a huge say on how the end result turns out. We’re more than able to incorporate logos, designs, text and just about anything else you could want for your commercial glass, as well as matching the colours of the piece to those of your choice. Why not send us a colour sample if you’re creating a strong theme in your property? We’ll make sure that the end result looks just like you imagined, and fits like a glove into your chosen space. Remember, our glass can be made to pretty much any size, and can be cut specifically to cater for awkward spaces.

So, why not make a statement about your business that no-one else is making? We’re experts when it comes to the creation of both domestic and commercial glass art, so there’s no reason why we can’t make something special for your property! Whether you own a restaurant that needs to create a mood or you’re looking to fill a space in an office, our bespoke fused glass art is sure to be just the thing for you. Let our one-of-a-kind art put an eye catching piece in your reception, or create a soothing atmosphere where it counts.