We love everything about our work here at The House of Ugly Fish but one of the things we love the most is how much variety there is between different pieces we do. No two glass splashbacks or pieces of fused glass art are the same and that’s because we provide a completely bespoke service. We thought we’d dedicate this blog to highlighting how different our work can be by showcasing two recent installations for two different clients.

The first piece is a panel that was made for a client’s compact kitchen that featured a bright yellow wall. The client wanted the panel to be a high intensity focal point of the kitchen and requested the piece to be very bright with no blue included. As you can see from the image below, as glass splashbacks go, it’s certainly one of the most vibrant and intense pieces we’ve created! It looks absolutely stunning and makes for a great focal point in the kitchen. A job well done we’d say!

Beautiful Fused Glass Art

The second client actually saw this particularity piece at one of our exhibitions and fell in love with it, snapping it up immediately! So this wasn’t a bespoke piece that was commissioned but it highlights just how different our work can be. Compared to the other bold, bright panel, this 3D wall art has an overall neutral tone that is accented by differing shades of grey. The fused glass art is also highlighted with small square designs on the top of the glass compared to the more fluid pattern of the first piece. The multi-layered squared give the 3D effect and is a beautifully understated focal point. It’s also worth noting that this particular piece of fused glass art has lighting behind the centre panel that really brings attention to the panel when it’s dark.

Fused Glass Artwork

We love both pieces as focal points but they’re both strikingly different; almost at opposite ends of the scale. That’s the beauty of fused glass art and glass splashbacks – they can be whatever you want them to be!