Here’s one of our latest pieces for today’s blog, found in a home in Appleton, Cheshire. We’ve actually been making a lot of stunning glass splashbacks Cheshire-wide these last few weeks, and if they continue to look this good then we certainly hope to keep the trend going! You can see the end result featured above, but we just can’t resist talking a little about the design. As you can see, it’s an eye-catching, jaw-dropping piece that really shows off how fused glass art can complement the décor of your home, or specific objects in the kitchen.

In this case, the piece was paired up perfectly with a blue Lacanche range cooker that they wanted to theme the glass around. The cooker, of course, was an absolutely stunning installation that really served as an elegant piece of art in its own right, so the thought of pairing up a beautiful splashback with it was tremendously exciting. Lisa soon set about creating a gorgeous piece of glass that would tie in perfectly with the cooker, using our classic Dalaman design to great effect.

The background was created with the colour of the cooker in mind, and complementary shades were added on top layer by layer. Because the knobs on the cooker are made of gold, the dalaman heavily features gold and silver metallic accents to give the piece an appropriately rich and regal look. When the finishing touches were made, with a host of different tones and textures being set along the central spine, it definitely looked fit for any king or queen.

Check out the matching fused glass bowl, too!

If you’re feeling inspired to get a piece of glass that perfectly matches your cooker, or if you’ve got a great idea for a design that your kitchen just couldn’t do without, then what’s keeping you? We here at The House of Ugly Fish are the number one choice for glass splashbacks Cheshire-wide and beyond, and we’re always ready to provide the perfect piece of fused glass art. All you need to do is pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing from you soon!