Today, we thought we’d show you an example of a fused glass splashback that utilises colour to its full effect. Just like in coloured glass splashbacks, this piece uses colour as the primary focus for its design, but it’s immediately clear how much more diverse the medium of fused glass can be. With bold streaks of warm, glowing colours that beautifully blend into one another, and a handmade touch that you just can’t beat, the effect of the piece is stunning when you see it at home in this kitchen.

As for the story behind this particular kitchen splashback, it was created for a client of ours in Sharpthorne. They really had a liking for the works of the famous artist Mark Rothko, and asked if we were able to create something that would look just like a piece of his. Of course, Lisa was more than happy to replicate the style, expertly working in a whole palette of complementary colours to suit the customer’s kitchen. As you can see, the piece really ties the décor of the room together as a result!

As guests sit down to eat and enjoy a meal in the kitchen, we’re sure that they’ll notice the brand new fused glass art sitting front and centre for all to see. After all, if there’s one thing that fused glass will always do, it’s draw the right kind of attention. The kitchen is the centre of the home, so why not put something there that’ll really make a statement?

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we like to do a little more with glass than you might usually see on products such as coloured glass splashbacks. What’s more, our bespoke fused glass products can always be made just the way you want. From kitchen splashbacks like this one to wall art panels and translucent pieces perfect for windows, we have a world of incredible products just waiting to be discovered. You can always reach us by phone or email via the details on our contact page, so don’t wait to do just that as soon as you can!