This stunning bespoke fused glass splashback found a home in Condorrat, North Lanarkshire, making the big journey from our Anglesey studio all the way up to Scotland.  It’s a take on our classic and widely loved Tree of Life design, with an original idea for the surrounding panels that we absolutely love. Truth be told, however, there’s actually more than one fused glass panel at work here.

Off to the left of the image, you should be able to spot a second splashback sitting just behind the sink. There’s an interesting story there, as the customer behind this piece opted for a unique design idea we’ve never seen before. You should be able to see it in the surrounding pieces on either side of the main splashback, where the glass continues around the back wall.

A trail of leaves exits the central panel behind the cooker, both left and right, but we want you to follow the left most trail first. As if carried by wind, they journey across the wall and display a wide assortment of colours picked from the main piece, until arriving at the second splashback. There, the leaves rise, dance and swirl on an updraft, creating a design that’s the perfect complement to the rest of the glass in the kitchen. When you stand back and view it as one complete image, the result is fairly breathtaking!

If you feel like something just like this could be right at home in your kitchen, or this particular fused glass art inspires some different ideas for your own bespoke splashback, make sure you get in touch!

After moving to the gorgeous Welsh shores of Anglesey in North Wales, The House of Ugly Fish is now proudly producing works of fused glass art once again. You can reach us by sending us an email, filling out our contact form and making an online enquiry, or simply by picking up the phone. Our team will always be happy to answer any query you might have regarding the work that we do, and how our fused glass could find a place in your home.