Created for a customer of ours in Bollington, Cheshire, this fused glass kitchen splashback is a testament to just how much say you can have over the design of a piece. It’s the perfect example of how one of our bespoke glass splashbacks can be personalised for a customer, and we think that the results speak for themselves. We’re sure that the customer will love it for years and years to come!

We went with their ideas completely to bring this lovely work of art to life, working to the specific request of recreating the well known landmark White Nancy in the medium of fused glass art. As you can tell from the picture above, it’s been faithfully recreated with the addition of a few lines of bespoke text near the base of the structure. A grassy hillside, green as you could ever dream of, was put into the piece so the landmark could sit nicely where it belongs. The customer also wanted a sheep to be put on the grass, too, so Lisa made sure to put in an appropriately fluffy companion.

Your very own splashback could be just as bespoke if you’d like it to be, or it could be something that you allow us to design based on the décor of your home. It’s entirely up to you, and that goes for what kind of fused glass art finds a way into your home as well. You could aim for a centrepiece in your kitchen by way of a single splashback, or you could double down and create a theme with extra panels and accessories. You could even have a wide array of wall panels set up in a unique and clever way – just let your imagination do the talking!

So, if you absolutely love the look of completely bespoke glass splashbacks like this one, make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can. We’re always waiting to hear from you and get started on your ideal piece of fused glass art. The only thing we need is your unique ideas to create something personalised and special just for you. We have all the answers to any questions or queries you might have, so don’t be shy!