Another recent project for the blog! This particular kitchen in Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire makes for an excellent feature because it shows how multiple pieces of fused glass art can come together to create a consistent theme and a beautiful end result that certainly turns heads.

Have a look at the the image above to see what we’re talking about! It shows two of our popular flow design panels created in a vivid purple and placed on either side of the hob. On the opposite wall, a matching bowl and a stunning sculptured wave complement the pieces perfectly and make sure that there’s a touch of fused glass no matter where you look.

Fused Glass Art Lancashire
The various glass pieces in the kitchen, created with the same style and design, looked absolutely stunning when put in place!

All of the designs and colours come together to give the kitchen a truly spectacular and unified look, which we absolutely adore. It’s safe to say that this is one of our favourites, but what do you think? If you feel inspired to do the same sort of thing to your own kitchen, or to any other room in the house, why not give us a ring?

The choice of colours is entirely up to you when it comes to your own piece, though that’s not to say that we couldn’t create one just like the one you see here. Every piece of fused glass we make can be created bespoke, meaning that you have full say over how you want the piece to end up. Let us know all about how you see the piece looking, such as what kind of images you want to have incorporated into the glass, and we’ll soon be getting to work.

Whether you’re on the lookout for beautiful fused glass splashbacks in Lancashire, or any other kind of fused glass art to be delivered nationwide, make sure The House of Ugly Fish is at the top of your list. You can get in contact either by dropping us an email or by giving us a call, so don’t wait to do just that. We’ll always have the answers to your questions and queries, no matter what.