We never come back from a trip to Scotland without at least one picture to show for it. There’s just so much to see, after all! Based on that, you might be able to tell where the above image comes from. That’s right! While delivering some particularly lovely glass splashbacks Scotland wide, we just had to stop and take in the sights while we were there. It’s doing that that led us to taking the picture you see above.

Paul came across these particularly rain soaked donkeys in Aberfoyle, Perthshire, and just had to capture the moment so we’d have a fantastic picture for the blog. As for the glass pieces themselves that we were delivering, well, they’ve been on our blog this week as well. You can have a look through our portfolio and find them there as well, if you’d like. But don’t stop there, as there’s an entire catalogue of gorgeous pieces that we’ve created both recently and way back in the past.

It’d be impossible for us to choose a favourite, even if we especially love the pieces that allowed us to travel to Scotland, so instead we’ll let you be the judge. Hopefully, you come back feeling inspired to get your very own piece of glass, even if it’s only something small at first.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the very best glass splashbacks Scotland has to offer, then look no further than The House of Ugly Fish. We’re the number one choice for gorgeous, bespoke fused glass art that you simply can’t find anywhere else, and we’re always looking to add new customers to a long list of satisfied clients. Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can, as we’re just waiting to deliver your perfect piece of glass straight to your doorstep.