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For today’s blog, we’re taking a look at one of our most consistently popular fused glass art designs. It makes regular appearances in our portfolio, and we’re always creating brand new examples for customers up and down the country. At the same time, it’s ever-changing, as those same customers bring all of their ideas to the table. The main elements of the design have stayed consistent, but no two pieces have ever really looked the same as each other – unless by design, of course! So, what design are we referring to? The fused glass Dalaman, of course!

You can find a great example of the style heading this blog, which was a bespoke glass splashback that we recently delivered to Flixton, Trafford. The central spine that runs from left to right in the piece is key to the design, providing a bold contrast and a line along which many colourful elements can be anchored. There’s plenty of colours on show here, brightening up the neutrality of the modern décor

You don’t need to add colour to make a good Dalaman, though! Take this particularly large example pictured on the left, one of a pair of matching splashbacks delivered to a home in Kirkcaldy, Fife. As you should be able to see, it’s a design that works just as effectively when there isn’t a lot of colour added to the piece, especially when you add in metallic accents that help the signature vertical elements of the design jump out and burst forth from the background.

We believe that the Dalaman can make for a stunning addition to any home, but there’s enough variety in fused glass art that we wouldn’t blame you for looking at your options first. Have a look at our portfolio, for example, and you’re sure to see just how broad the possibilities are.

Every piece that we create can be made completely bespoke, and since most of our work is made to order, it usually is a completely one-of-a-kind piece that finds its way to each customer. That means that your own piece of glass can look just the way you want it to! Give us all the details of what kind of design you’re looking for, send us colour samples or maybe even sketch your ideas if you’re feeling creative. No matter what, we’ll ensure that your fused glass art perfectly matches the space you have in mind!

We here at The House of Ugly Fish love nothing more than seeing brand new pieces of incredible fused glass art come rolling off our kiln. Whether you’re looking to get your hands on your very own fused glass Dalaman design splashback, or something completely different, there’s simply nowhere better to go for stunningly bespoke works of handmade fused glass art. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can.