Here’s another kitchen that truly came alive with the addition of fused glass art! In this case, the client’s home was brought to life by the addition of two particularly fetching examples of our Dalaman glass splashbacks.

The blue background of the panels complement the warm creams found on the kitchen walls, an effect which is further complemented by the accompanying colours on each Dalaman. We made sure to pick a wonderful variety of bold hues as per the client’s request, creating vivid spines that made up the backbone of each piece. You can see them at work in the picture above, taking the form of incredible accents that make the piece really pop and also help the features of the kitchen stand out. What’s more, the wooden upholstery of the cabinets also help to keep the feel of the whole room looking contemporary and modern while maintaining a sharp look, in no small part thanks to the gorgeous splashbacks creating a strong theme.

Your very own piece could look just like these ones, follow the same design philosophy, or go off of a completely original idea. Your imagination is the only limit in that regard! What do you think would look perfect in your kitchen? If you’re not sure, why not come and ask us to design something for you? No matter what, we’ll make sure your jaw hits the floor when you see the glass we make for your home.

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we have a passion for creating incredible fused glass for the wall, gorgeous glass splashbacks and more. If you feel as if what we have to offer is just the thing you’ve been looking for, then make sure you let us know all about your idea for the perfect piece of fused glass art. We’re always ready and waiting for you to get in touch! We’ll answer any questions or queries you might have about our glass, and how it could transform any space you have in mind.