Today, we thought we’d take a good long look at one of our most popular fused glass art designs. It always seems to be a hit with the customers that frequently visit both our online portfolio and showroom, and it’s always changing as those same customers bring brand new ideas to the table. The core essence of the design has stayed recognisable, but no two pieces have ever truly looked the same. So what’s the design in question?

It’s the Dalaman of course, and heading this blog is a particularly stunning example that not too long ago found a home in Deans, Livingston. We loved how this piece used colour, and its a fantastic show piece for how the Dalaman design can incorporate bold strips of vivid hues even in the most neutral of spaces. But make no mistake, it’s a design that works just as well without too much colour added to the piece, as well. Take the example on the left, with its monochrome palette broken only by shining metallic accents that make the signature elements of the style burst forth from the stone background.

The Dalaman is a sure hit in any home, but there’s so much variety in fused glass art that we wouldn’t blame you for looking for something different. Take a look through our wider portfolio of completed work, and you’re sure to uncover a near-endless range of designs which showcase how varied and exciting our work can be.

Keep in mind, though, our work is completely bespoke and made to order. That means that when the time comes to put a piece of glass in your home, that piece can look however you’d like it to. You can give us all the details of the kind of design you’re looking for, send us colour samples or even sketches if you’re feeling creative. We can make all of our fused glass art perfectly match the space you have in mind, whether that’s a spot on the wall in the lounge, a place behind the cooker or anywhere else.

The team here at The House of Ugly Fish love nothing more than seeing gorgeous pieces of bespoke fused glass art come to life. No matter what shape, size or design, there’s always a smile on our faces when we lift the kiln and take a look at a newly completed piece. Your imagination is the only limit, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email with your best ideas. We’ll always be happy to discuss how our work could find a place in your home!