We don’t know if the Lowry enjoyed the derby as much as we do, but this week Lisa created a piece for a Manchester city centre apartment. The client was a Manchester United fan and the timing of the piece couldn’t have come at a better time as the derby between Manchester City and Manchester United took place around the same time, with a victory to City as Agüero striked to score 1-0 to the blues. Unfortunately there was some trouble after the game to do with football violence, but nothing too serious!

The piece created for the client features a Lowry style, and depicts a typical derby match with players of both sides included in the piece. It is anything but violent, and looks a little like the games of old! We really like it and we’re glad our client enjoyed the bespoke piece. It looks great against the kitchen. Not only will the owner of one of our pieces enjoy the artwork, but so will all of the guests that happen to see it!

Many of our pieces are done in varying styles and it can often be the case that you might have something specific in your mind, much like the style of Monet or Lowry. This is completely fine. Your piece may also be one of our original designs, and we have a range of these to view on our site. Our fused glass art is meant to tell a story or something about you, and unlike other designers and artists, you can really communicate something that is personal to you. If you’re looking for fused glass art for the wall, there is a wide range of possibilities. Contact us for more information.

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