Today, we thought we’d take a look at one of our most popular fused glass art designs. It’s a style that’s proven consistently popular from month to month, after all, and it always seems to be a hit with customers browsing both our portfolio and showroom. It’s always changing as customers bring new ideas to the table, and although the core essence of the design stays recognisable, no two pieces ever truly look the same. So, what’s the design in question?

Well, it’s no secret – just look at the image at the top of the page. It’s the Dalaman!

Fused Glass Art Dalaman Small Panel 1

A picture says a thousand words, so we’ll show you some of our favourite pieces – like this piece here on the left. It’s a fantastic example of how the classic Dalaman style can be scaled down from a full size splashback or wall panel, and the earthen tones utilised stand on their own beautiful merits. It’s attached onto a larger piece of glass backing, making for a fantastic little piece of glass wall art that would look a treat in any home.


Wavy Dalaman Fused Glass Art Panel 1


Or what about this piece on the right? Equally vibrant as the piece heading the blog, this Dalaman design changes things up by taking the traditional straight lines of the style and making them much more wavy. This can be seen most clearly in the way the bold line in the background curves. There’s even a little extra colour added to the pieces that run along the spine, too, which is a very popular option!

While we absolutely adore what a Dalaman can do to any room in the house, if you’re looking for something different then we suggest you take a look through our portfolio. You’re sure to find a tremendous range of designs that showcases how varied and exciting our work can be. Remember, all of our work is bespoke, which means that you’re free to suggest a design or personalise an existing one as much as you’d like. You could have just about any background colours mixed with shades and hues which perfectly match your kitchen, or you could send in a tile or some other colour sample for us to use as a reference.

We here at The House of Ugly Fish absolutely love bringing bespoke fused glass art to life, no matter what shape or size it might come in, so we mean it when we say that your imagination is really the only limit. Make sure there’s nothing keeping you from picking up the phone or dropping us an email as soon as you can. We can’t wait to hear from you!