A lot of the time perspective clients come to us looking for stained glass windows or doors for their home. Whilst here at The House of Ugly Fish, we don’t actually specialise in stained glass windows, we do create glass window designs and bespoke windows and a lot of the time, the client ends up working with us anyway! But what’s the difference between stained glass windows and glass window design?

Stained glass windows almost exclusively refer to the windows found in churches. The glass is coloured using metallic salts during its manufacture and then small pieces of the glass are arranged to form patterns or pictures. Stained glass windows are held together in a frame so that all the different pieces of glass stay in place.

Although the term stained glass windows is thrown around quite loosely, the fused glass art we create for our glass window design is a different technique altogether. When creating our bespoke windows for our clients, we paint the colours onto the glass and then fuse the glass in a kiln. While fused glass can be used for stained glass windows, it’s not true of the reverse. It’s quite technical but it’s to do with the temperature of the glass when it cools.

We hope we’ve not confused you too much with our explanation! We just get a lot of people looking for stained glass windows and approaching us. A lot of the time the clients actually want fused glass window design but only know the term stained glass, so it all works out great!

We provide fused glass art window design for windows and doors so get in contact with us today.