This gorgeous bespoke fused glass art was installed in a customer’s home in Kirkcaldy, Fife – a property you might have seen a few times on this blog! These newest additions, however, don’t fall under the category of fused glass wall art or home splashbacks. They’re door panels, as you’ll be able to tell from the image above, installed into a space which incorporates the fused glass art in an exemplary way!

The panels feature waving tendrils that rise upwards, built upon transparent, lightly frosted glass which subtly distorts the light coming through. While there’s no wide palette of colours on show, the panels make a big impact that add that little bit more to see for anyone visiting.

We love how the end result looks! It’s a very special little addition that makes a world of difference, and it’s something wholly original that you definitely won’t see in any other home but this one.

These double doors presented a unique challenge for us, but the principles behind their creation were just like any other piece of fused glass art we’ve made in the past. In much the same way, anything that we create for you could look just as beautiful as the glass featured in this blog. After you add your own unique touch to it, you’ll probably love it even more!

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