Created for a customer of ours in Berkhamstead, this beautiful and rather grand piece definitely catches all the right kind of attention. It was based on a painting that the customer had fallen in love with at Berkeley Gallery, situated in the centre of the town they lived in.

The design features very warm hues all around, with golds, browns and burnt orange highlights representing a long beach swept by wind. It has four socket cut-outs, cut precisely to fit around an otherwise awkward obstacle. This can be done on request for any of the pieces we create, ensuring that your perfect piece of bespoke fused glass will always be able to go wherever you want it to. Lisa commented that she felt it was like a scene from a period drama, where the protagonists might walk down to the shoreline hand in hand. We agree! It’s nothing if not scenic.

When it comes to getting your very own fused glass art, we’re ready to provide whether you want a piece that looks just like this one or something completely different. We put the very same amount of care and attention into every single piece that rolls off our kiln, no matter how big or small, no matter what the design. Our name guarantees something special, and we’re determined to deliver complete satisfaction every time. You’ll definitely love what we create for you.

After all, because all of the fused glass art we create is able to be made completely bespoke and personalised according to what you want, we can safely guarantee that the perfect piece of glass is waiting for you here at The House of Ugly Fish. If it hasn’t been created yet, well, you need only discuss your ideas with us! Getting in contact really is as easy as picking up the phone or dropping us an online enquiry via email, so there’s absolutely no reason not to do that as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!