If you’ve ever seen one of our famous Tree of Life designs, you’ll know that we often include pets around the base of the tree. These are always the customers’ own, of course, and their likeness is immortalised in fused glass art. What you might not know, however, is that we have a pet of our own!

We have a beautiful black Labrador called Finn, and we take him wherever we’re able to. You might have spied him in some of the blog posts in the past, but we’re dedicating this whole article to shining the spotlight on our little rascal.

This is an image of a fused glass art panel depicting our black Labrador, Finn
Affectionately titled “Wistful Nibs”, this very painterly panel was created by using traditional brush on glass, and it depicts Finn looking out towards the sea. As a Labrador, he’s a big fan of the water!

Just shy of 2 years old, we got a hold of Finn when he was just a puppy, and it was love at first sight. He was huddled away in the corner of the room, timid and irrestibly adorable just like our old labrador Angel was when we saw her for the first time. Of course, the emotional connection was just too strong not to pick him right there on the spot! He’s been accompanying us up and down the country ever since, always taking an hour (or three!) to explore the hills and beaches we pass by.

He’s even found a way into our fused glass art! The piece pictured here on the left was created for the Artist’s Choice collection, a series of original pieces of glass made by Lisa purely to be as creative and free as possible. Finn was the star of the show, taking centre stage in the composition. The look of the piece was created by adding colour as normal with kiln compatible powder, but an extra layer of paint was brushed onto the top to make it look especially traditional.

We love how it came out, although there was a little bit of a debate in the House of Ugly Fish office as to what the meaning of the piece really was.

What do you think? Would you like something just like this in your home?

If you choose to get your hands on your very own piece of fused glass art, who knows, we might just bring Finn along when we come to deliver and fit the glass! We here at The House of Ugly Fish are always looking forward to hearing from customers both new and old, so don’t be shy. Pick up the phone, drop us an email or come and pay us a visit at our Manchester showroom, where you can see the beauty of our glass splashbacks and glass wall art in person!