This glass panel was delivered to a house in Foss, Pitlochry. Obviously, the customers were looking to be original when it came to their home, not following any trends but perhaps setting a new one with this remarkably eye catching entrance. It was an absolutely gorgeous home and we were more than happy to create something to add to that aesthetic!

This is an image of a fused glass art panel attached to a door in Pitlochry, Scotland.The front door is clearly a very striking orange, with a beautifully modern design to boot. It’s definitely not your traditional front door, and the presence of an equally vibrant piece of fused glass art reinforces that unique statement.

The design of the fused glass panel is our classic Wave style, with a healthy amount of details and nuances packed into a relatively compact space. Bold golden lines undulate up and down from left to right across the piece, layered on the top of the glass as to give the piece a texture you can reach out and touch, while deeper burning oranges and hints of red help to create a very fiery palette indeed.

Finishing the effect are strikingly dark accents that provide a very effective contrast and make every part of the glass stand out even more. Friends, family and guests who visit are sure to take notice as they enter the home!

If you’re looking to have something just like this put at the front of your house, then we here at The House of Ugly Fish are ready to help bring your unique ideas to life in the medium of fused glass art. We have a tremendous wealth of over fourteen years’ experience in the business of making bespoke works of art, so you’re in the right hands. Feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team either by phone or by enquiring online via email. We’ll soon get back to you.