These lovely bespoke fused glass windows were delivered to Fife, finding a home in the Dean Park Hotel. It was great to have the chance to create something for a commercial property, and fantastic to work on a large scale project again. We were more than happy to rise to the challenge these pieces would present! The end result can be seen pictured above and below. Some of the panels were intended to be static windows, while matching panels would be set into doors to make for a grand and impressive entrance.

Although the windows lack the usual powder and colour of our fused glass art, there’s a lot of texture to be found in the design. Upon closer inspection, frits and clear glass pieces melted between the layers of glass distort and create a roughness that makes the windows take on a translucent, frosted quality.

We love the way that it all turned out, and the final product makes for a striking, professional look.

Bespoke Glass Windows for Any Space

Every piece and every panel we make can always be personalised to the extent that you’d like it to be, and that extends to the practical aspects of the glass as well as the design itself. In applications such as this one, the thickness and strength of the glass can be an important factor. That’s why our bespoke glass windows can be created from double or even triple glazed glass, making sure that they’re incredibly sturdy and durable as well as looking great.

If you’re looking to install fused glass art into a commercial environment, we here at The House of Ugly Fish have a vast wealth of experience creating bespoke glass windows, wall art panels, lighting installations and more. Alternatively, if you love the way this glass looks and you’d like to do something similar in your home, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or give us a call as soon as you can.