Well we’re very happy here at House of Ugly Fish, as we’ve been accepted into The Guild of Master Craftsmen! It’s such a massive accolade for us here and we are incredibly honoured to be members of such a prestigious organisation. It gives our entire company that extra level of credibility and an even greater aura of reliability to our business, especially for those who have never heard of us or seen our fused glass art before. The Guild represents over 400 different crafts, trades and professions, promoting and supporting excellence and it means potential clients have some initial confidence in our workmanship before they even talk to us or see our fused glass art work – which is brilliant.

We’ve been working so hard here at House of Ugly Fish for over 20 years cultivating a respected and high quality business, in both or work ethic and our products, so to be rewarded like this is just fantastic. Being in such a niche industry has obviously had its ups and downs (the recession being a particular hardship) but we have continued to work harder, ensuring we are at the forefront of the fused glass art industry and now being accepted into The Guild of Master Craftsmen has just cemented our business in place. It really is just the cherry on top!

You can read up on us at The Guild of Master Craftsmen website here:


And if you’d like to view some of our fused glass art products you can do so on our website. That’s all for now – we’re off to celebrate!