This gorgeous and eye catching piece was one that we kept on display in our showroom, until recently taking up an entire wall in suitably dazzling style. There’s a fantastic story behind this one that we think you’ll love, so we’re featuring it on our blog for all to see. First of all, though, we have to talk a bit about the glass itself as it’s a great example of what our glass wall art is capable of!

The design of the piece utilises space in an incredibly effective way, and commands a mastery of colour like only fused glass art can! Deep blues and darker shades depict the depths of the sea while lighter shades paint a picture of a sunny day above the water. There are even sun beams that can be seen streaming down, and accents on the surface created from bright white powders. Of course the main focus of the piece is the shoal of fish spiralling upwards towards the surface. A wide range of white, grey and metallic silver textures come together, making this glass absolutely shine when the light hits it. It’s just like the scales of real fish!

So where did it end up? Well, a customer desperately wanted a piece of ours in her home having seen our glass before, so she had a look around our showroom before spotting this particular glass wall art. She immediately fell in love with it, but needed to save up in order to make the purchase. Fortunately, she had a big birthday coming up and unknown to her, her family were buying gift vouchers that she could use here at The House of Ugly Fish! In the end, she could come on down and get her hands on the triptych that she had set her heart on in the first place. It couldn’t have found a better home.

If you’d also like to bring some glass wall art home from our showroom, then what’s keeping you from picking up the phone or dropping us an email? We here at The House of Ugly Fish would love nothing more than to create something special that’ll have a place in your home and heart for years to come, so come and tell us all about your ideal fused glass design. Needless to say, you can even visit us in person, too, and we’ll be more than happy to show you what we’ve got on show. We hope to hear from you soon!