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We’ve been in the business of creating fused glass art for a while now, so we think it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about creating glass art that makes jaws drop. Regular readers of our blog will be very familiar with our many kitchen splashbacks and eye-catching glass wall panels, but we feel that our smaller pieces and accessories might fly under the radar a little. That’s a little unfortunate, as even the smallest accessories can go a very long way towards tying a room together and creating a theme, especially if you’re complementing existing decorations or just working on a smaller budget and looking to make the maximum amount of impact for your money.

Today’s blog is dedicated to those pieces which add those all important finishing touches, then!

You’ll find bespoke glass accessories in all shapes and sizes here at The House of Ugly Fish. There’s an almost endless variety in the kind of designs on show, and a similar diversity in the kinds of products we can create. You’ll be able to find everything from sculpted bowls, pictured above, to sets of drinks coasters, free standing waves, soap dishes, Rospo lights and more. What’s more, each and every accessory showcases the very best fused glass design has to offer, with all the signature quirks found in our larger splashbacks and glass wall panels.

Fully Bespoke Fused Glass Art

Our fully bespoke process ensures that you can get your hands on fused glass art accessories that look just the way you want them to, or panels of any size that are guaranteed to match any space in your home. We create each and every individual piece from scratch, allowing us to completely and totally customise each and every aspect of the glass, which is why we can confidently deliver a perfectly tailored product no matter what form it might take.

Fused Glass Art Accessories Coaster Set
A set of six coasters makes for the perfect way to introduce a little bit of fused glass art to your home in a big way.

You can find a full portfolio of completed work here on our website that’s bursting at the seams with designs both classic and wholly original. Your very own fused glass art accessories could look however you want them to, so why not look for a little inspiration in our previous projects? Once you know what you want, bringing the idea to life is what we do best!

The House of Ugly Fish is the place to go for all things to do with fused glass art, with a tremendously wide selection of bespoke glass accessories, fused glass splashbacks and everything in between. Don’t hesitate to get in touch either by phone or email if you think our work is perfect for you, and let us help bring your ideal accessories or decorations to life.