Now here’s a beautiful sight from a home in Whitemore, Cheshire. The customer behind the recently completed fused glass wall art pictured above actually had already bought something from us, a panel adorned by a row of penguins. They loved the effect that it had on the room so much that they wanted to get their hands on some more glass, and they were looking for something which would be similar in both colour and theme.

The first panel the customer bought from us looks a treat next to the new additions!

In the end, they opted for a gorgeous aquatic style featuring a shoal of fish. The design is split into two pieces across both panels, which marks the first time that this particular shoal design has been divided into two, rather than three. We absolutely love how it looks, and it’s just another way that the piece is truly unique.

Darker blue shades create the depths of the water at the bottom of the piece, while streaks of lighter shades create rays of light and texture to make the background come alive. All the while, a shoal of fish from which the piece gets its name swim upwards towards the surface. Each fish is shaped by hand, with an array of silver shades and metallic accents bringing them to life. When light from outside hits the glass, it looks just like light hitting the scales of the fish!

If you’re in the market for your very own fused glass wall art, then The House of Ugly Fish should be the very first name on your list. We’d absolutely love to create some beautiful and bespoke glass wall art just for you, and our kilns are definitely warmed up and ready to go, so make sure you don’t wait to get in touch. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, after all, and getting started really is as easy as picking up the phone or dropping us an email. Like we always say, your ideal fused glass art is only ever a mouse click away!