Something fishy is going on in Pilling, Lancashire, but not in the way that you might think… That’s right, it’s our fused glass wall art creating a stir again!

We’ll get right to it! The design of this particular piece utilises oceanic blue hues to create its very aquatic theme, ranging from the darker shades of the deep water all the way to the brighter colours close to the top of the piece. Pale highlights paint a well lit surface, with rays of sunlight beaming down through the water to illuminate the fish down below. We love how this works with the lights above the piece, as the glass itself catches and reflects them perfectly with metallic silver highlights, strong white accents and more.

A lot of people are big fans of the bubbles that appear in our work as part of the fusing process, and this piece is a perfect example of how bubbles can really add to the theme in a truly unique way. Look at this design for long enough and we guarantee you’ll feel as if you were really there! That’s just another benefit of our handmade method.

That’s right! If you didn’t know already, every single piece we make is created by hand, which is why we can guarantee that your glass will be one-hundred percent unique and personalised just for you. The design can be bespoke from the ground up if you’d like, incorporating your original ideas and vision into the medium of fused glass art, or it could even be a twist on an existing design you might have seen in our portfolio or in person. You could even ask Lisa to design something for you, in which case we would be more than happy to dream up something absolutely picture perfect for the space you’re looking to decorate.

If you’re looking to get your own fused glass wall art, make sure you don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can. Our full details are right here on our website, and there’s never been a better time to invest in what we have to offer. Pick up the phone for a chat or drop us an email online. We’d love to hear all about your ideas for the ideal piece of glass.