This rather striking piece of fused glass art is one of our glass kitchen splashbacks, and it found a home in Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire. The design is the customer’s own original one, provided to us as reference. Lisa translated the piece into fused glass art as a direct copy, swapping paints for powder in order to faithfully bring the image to life once again.

The main focus of the whole design sits fluttering in the foreground. It’s the butterfly, of course, and there are many elements that come together to make the final image. First, the wings, which have been created with a range of burning orange hues and deep red shades. As incredibly warm colours, they absolutely radiate a visual heat in the kitchen that can’t be ignored. Strong black lines provide contrast in the midst of the vivid colours, while bright white dots shine as highlights.

The background isn’t to be missed, either, as there’s just as much going on there. It’s primarily created from white and blue, with a handful of shades in between. It spirals off into the distance with a painterly style, ensuring that the whole piece is exciting and full of detail no matter where you look. All the same touches could be present in your very own piece of glass, of course!

If you think your own kitchen could benefit from the addition of bespoke fused glass art, why not look into getting one of our glass kitchen splashbacks for yourself? You’re guaranteed to find something perfect for you, and we’re more than happy to bring a personalised piece to life that fits your décor to a tee. Pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. Our team is always ready and waiting to hear from you!