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If you’re looking to put a piece of fused glass art in your home, why not opt in for an artisan glass splashback? The end result is always going to be a totally personalised piece of your choosing. Everything from shape and size, all the way to style, is a creative element you can make the final decision on. As you can imagine, that makes for a nearly limitless amount of variety that’s largely only limited by your imagination.

There’s no doubt that our artisan glass splashbacks can make a huge impact in just about any kitchen! Our fully bespoke process ensures a perfect fit even in the most unorthodox spaces.

Artisan Glass Splashbacks for All Kitchens

We create everything by hand and all pieces that we design are made to fit specific measurements provided by the customer. Therefore there is no preset size for a design, and no traditional pre-made product. Every splashback that rolls off of our kiln is a one-of-a-kind piece of artisan glass art featuring a world of detail.


Curved Bespoke Glass Splashbacks Ormskirk
We curved this beautiful artisan glass splashback to match the back wall! Even in this case, our fully bespoke approach to the job ensured that everything fit seamlessly. A rectangular cut was made in the glass, allowing it to fit around the existing socket. It looks as if it had always been there!


A bespoke splashback really does mean a customer-specific product! It’s one that takes into account any unique challenges of the space you’re looking to decorate.

We are able to cut shapes out of the glass, for example, if the panel would otherwise be obstructed. Obstructions can include an overhead cabinet, a plug socket or a pipe travelling up the back wall. Fortunately, these shapes can be cleanly cut away without compromising the integrity of the glass, and the result is always seamless.

Now that we’re feeling pretty settled into our new home on the beautiful Welsh shores of Anglesey, The House of Ugly Fish is busier than ever making beautiful pieces of glass such as the artisan glass splashback you can see pictured at the top of this blog. We make everything from custom accessories such as coasters and bowls all the way to bigger panels for the wall. Because of this, there’s a huge variety of glass rolling off of our kiln! From there, they find homes all around the country. Get your name on an ever expanding list of customers – get in touch as soon as you can!